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Terms and Conditions

1. kipod brand owners are the owners of the website familiar toys
for children through the company's website and through emails sent to customers registered to a mailing list. The sale is done both by selling the site and telephone sales. 2. Site - Web Site
3. Everywhere these regulations that the use of the feminine gender, refers to both male occurred.
4. All executive invitation and / or purchase through the website states that the implementation of the action is called these policies, and that it agrees to all provisions and terms of these regulations, and that it will not have or any of its representatives claim and / or demand and / or claim against Website and / or the company and / or management of the site and / or the company and / or its directors and / or employees, in terms of the provisions and conditions of these regulations.
5. Site, Join our mailing list and / or purchasing a product offered for sale via the website, is the customer's consent to accept and abide by the rules, so if it does not agree to the terms he requested not to use the website or join our mailing list.
6. The website serves as a virtual store to sell, wooden toys and kits for children and is now owned and managed by it.
7. Questions the company's customer service can be directed through the Create contact "site.
8 of these regulations is the legal basis for reservations and surfing and it only regulates the relationship between the company and user of the Site and / or the Customer via the website.
9. The Company reserves the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time in its sole discretion without having to provide notice.
10. The computer records of the company for me actions carried out through the website shall constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of operations.
11. The product images presented on the site are for illustrative purposes only and are not binding on all the site administration. It is also agreed and clarified that the company would try to do his best to present to its customers the most accurate images.
12. The Company does not undertake to maintain an inventory of all models whose pictures appear on the site.
13. The company does all it can to ensure that the information presented on the site will be complete and accurate information most but clarified that it may appear, in good faith, inaccuracies or errors and the Company does not assume any liability whatsoever arising from them or related to them.
14. All prices on the site are listed on the products denominated in NIS. Prices include VAT, if applicable under the law and do not include shipping fees unless otherwise stated.
15. Site management may revise product prices and tariffs for shipments site from time to time without prior notice. The valid price reservation has been made is the price published when completing the order process (which includes the handing over credit card details). If prices were revised before the completion of the booking process, you will be taken according to the updated prices.
16. The site management may make on-site promotions, benefits and discounts. The administrator may at any time terminate operations, these benefits and discounts, replace them or change them, without having to give any prior notice.
17. When updating the cart, the Company reserves the right to deliver a reminder to the customer about the abandoned Cart (shopping cart that has not ended the process of purchase), by sending an email to the address you entered.
18. When you sign up to the site, you may be offered the option to register the company's official mailers. If the customer wants to remove itself from the mailer after recorded, it can be easily done through a link that will appear in the resulting mail. The client notes that the boat itself requested list.
19. The promotional coupons and discount coupons apply to all items except items on sale on the site. The exercise conditions of coupons or promotions alternating listed at the end of Page regulations.

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