Our Mission

We are here to bring quality into the "quality time". 
Our goal and aim is to make every kid happy through creation and play. We specialize in the design of creative DIY kits and wooden toys, all made and designed with high quality wood, all designed perfectly for children's needs. 
Our uniquely designed toys & kits assist in developing creativity, imagination and fine motor skills, allowing kids to experience and enjoy their own work and imagination. 
We are here to bring the joy back to parents and kid's quality time in a challenging and satisfying manner - this is our design and passion. 


It all began with the story of a little girl named Alex.
As a child she loved making up new games for her friends and herself. In every dull moment she used to fly on her wings of imagination, creating fun worlds and activities for her friends, letting them free their creative spirit.

As she grew up and became a teenager, she passionately continued creating new and imaginative games while engaging in social activities and working with children. In addition she developed great game workshops for children, giving hours of fun and special bonding through creating.

Years went by and this creative little girl became a woman. Then, as always, a light bulb lit up above her head and she thought:

"I can make people and children happy all around the world with my creations!"

so she boxed her workshops in a box and
spread the joy all around the world.

This is how "Kipod"
was born: with love and passion.

Alex Khaykin, the founder and owner of "Kipod", has a professional background in education and a Bachelor's degree in industrial design from the Institute of Technology in Holon.

"Kipod" designs and manufactures assembly and creation toys to kids around the globe.

These unique toys provide hours of fun to kids through creation and innovation while developing their motor and cognitive skills.

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