A child’s growth and development is the responsibility of the parents. Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life. You want your child to grow up with the best qualities and a positive personality while shunning all the negativity around him. The best way to ensure you’re a positive personality and a creative mind for your child is by communicating with them and having interpersonal activities. These are two-way benefits, both the parents and the child gets to know each other, they build a trustworthy and affectionate relationship. Parental involvements make the child smart and confident. It helps the parents judge their child’s personality, mental ability, and skill and makes it easier for them to handle their child. Here at Kipod Toys, our mission statement is to put quality back into ‘quality time’, our main focus is to encourage your child to be creative and also make your relationship with your child stronger and better. This is the time your child needs you the most, this is the time when you can make sure that you have a great relationship with your child for the rest of your life because childhood has a great impact on a person’s personality so if this time is spent with the best memories and character building your child will grow up to be mature, responsible and a successful adult. Our toys are uniquely designed and they help develop motor and cognitive skills of your child while having fun. The toys are creative and fun to play with because they include different types of toys like; assembly and disassembly of toys. This will boost up their imagination and they will actually feel satisfied after they’ve gone through the experience of building their own toys and with your help, it will bring fun and challenge to your parent-child relationship. The toys mostly include a DIY kit that you can help your child with, the toys are; Pom pom porcupine, lion, and sheep, the Bare kit, funny creatures, get together table, and chair. All these toys are fun and inventive, your child will have a great time and will be very happy especially when you are there to help him assemble the pieces and turn them into high-quality toys. The material is high-quality wood so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. The toys are designed in a way that guarantees innovation creativity, and the cognitive skills of your child, and on top of that, it ensures a healthy parent-child relationship.