How to develop creativity in your kids

יוצרים משחק זיכרון חיות מעץ קיפודים צעצועים מונטסוריים  משחקים ביחד

Creativity is not an inborn talent as some believes it to be; rather it is a learned skill and parents can play an important part in developing creativity in their children in various ways. So why is creativity that important? Creativity is known to be a vital component of health and happiness and it is […]

The family unit as a key to a strong and healthy upbringing

מכוניות עץ לילדים

A child’s growth and development is the responsibility of the parents. Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life. You want your child to grow up with the best qualities and a positive personality while shunning all the negativity around him. The best way to ensure you’re a positive personality and a creative […]